Why Choose Maple Air Charter

Who We Are

Driven by Excellence, Fuelled by Passion

Maple Air Charter was born to redefine bespoke private aviation excellence, exceeding high standards of the world’s most discerning travellers. Our foundation is built with four guiding principles: prioritising customer's best interests, an unshakable commitment to transparency and integrity, fostering continuous improvement through cutting-edge innovative technologies, and empowering our employees to grow into inspiring leaders.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we are wholeheartedly committed to crafting joyful moments throughout their journey. We firmly believe that transparency is the bedrock of cultivating trustworthy relationships and we take great pride in offering our customers complete access to all the information they need for making informed decisions.

As a team of proficient and morally driven private aviation advisors, we are propelled by our perpetual love for aviation. With a perfect blend of sophistication and genuine care, we ensure that every single moment of yours becomes a masterpiece.

“Maple Air Charter—where distinction soars, dreams take flight, and a legacy unfolds.”

Nisha Odedra, Founder and President

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver on-demand private air charter solutions of the highest ethical standards, tailored to meet the unique requirements of our globally astute clients. We do not just aim to match the industry standards, but to consistently surpass them, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the private jet charter industry.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the unrivalled global leader in private aviation, setting new horizons of bespoke brilliance. Through our vision, we aim to establish a legacy as the preferred choice for luxury travel, that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression, building trust and fostering long-term relationships.

Our Values

Adaptability, Customer centricity, Integrity, Innovation and Transparency are the fundamental values that guide every of our actions. We are flexible in our approach, responsive to changing client needs and market trends, and agile in finding innovative solutions to private aviation industry’s ever-growing challenges.

What We Do

Your Charter, Your Way

Business Travel

Need to arrange multiple jet charters for your executive team’s multi-city quarterly meetings and also need to collaborate with them all at once? We have you covered with our hassle-free solutions


Organising a film shoot or a music concert? Experience unrivalled exclusivity and privacy with our bespoke private jet charters, meeting all your demands.

Holidays and Leisure

Looking for a one-way charter to the sun-kissed Caribbeans or that perfect trip to Vegas? Take advantage of our exclusively priced empty leg listings.


Planning a golf trip with your buddies? Your heavy golf clubs probably need a larger cabin space. Consult with our expert to find the most suited option.

Why Choose Maple Air Charter

Discover the Key Elements of Our Identity

  • Magnificence: Make a grand entrance, arriving in style merely minutes before taking off from our exclusive private terminals – whether you are focused on business productivity or seeking a relaxing vacation, we are committed to elevating your travel experience with luxury, comfort and convenience.
  • Adaptability: We understand that every client has unique demands and expectations. Our commitment to adaptability means we can seamlessly cater to your changing needs, whether it's accommodating specific aircraft preferences or leveraging our extensive network for competitive rates. We consistently tailor our services to meet your requirements, putting you firmly in control.
  • Peace of Mind: Your privacy is paramount to us. We strictly adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism in all aspects of your charter. With our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and emphasis on customer satisfaction, enjoy the absolute peace of mind you deserve.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is a two-way street. We strive to build long-term relationships with you based on transparency and integrity. By prioritising open and honest communication, we always act in your best interests, placing your needs in the forefront and delivering on our promises.
  • Exuberance: Our team members are passionate about their work and bring an infectious energy to the table. We cultivate a positive and uplifting environment, where optimism and a can-do attitude thrive. This helps us overcome challenges, inspire creativity, and maintain a high level of morale throughout the organization.

Our Founder

Nisha Odedra

Maple Air Charter is led by Nisha Odedra, a pioneer in the aviation industry who has transformed her vision into a thriving reality by fostering a culture rooted in integrity and ethical principles.

With a lifelong dedication to aviation, an M.Sc. degree in Aerospace Engineering, and a genuine love and passion for flying, she has combined her technical prowess, extensive industry knowledge, and a forward-thinking approach to develop a profound understanding of discerning clients’ requirements and consistently surpassing their expectations.

Born in the same city as Mahatma Gandhi, she draws inspiration from his principles and embodies the essence of honesty and transparency. Her unwavering commitment to cultivating a culture of transparency within the company's operations is a testament to her morals. Having gained a valuable experience working at a major charter brokerage company, Nisha has vividly witnessed the industry's shortcomings, which has served as a catalyst for her to establish the private jet company she had always envisioned.

As a lifetime member of esteemed organizations such as the Aeronautical Society of India, Nisha has been actively engaged in the aviation industry since 2008. Under her transformational leadership, Maple Air Charter has been at the forefront of private aviation industry, reaching new heights and redefining the benchmarks of excellence.

Your Team

Nisha Odedra

President & Founder

M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering

Aditya Sarvaiya

Financial Controller

PhD. in Mathematics

Niraj Odedra

Executive Assistant


How do I choose the right aircraft?

Selecting the right aircraft depends on various factors, including the number of passengers, the distance of your journey, desired amenities, and budget. Private jet charter brokers are industry experts, and they can source the perfect aircraft from their global extensive network of thousands of aircraft. They consider factors such as cabin size, range, speed, amenities, and seating configurations to ensure your luxury, comfort and convenience.

Where can I travel to with Maple Air Charter?

Maple Air Charter provides jet charter services to a diverse range of destinations, offering access to various aircraft options. From major cities like New York, London, and Tokyo to cultural gems such as Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, and prominent business centers like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Frankfurt, we can facilitate your journey. Additionally, we excel in arranging flights to off-the-beaten-path locations based on your specific preferences, expanding your travel possibilities beyond popular destinations.

Can I choose my departure and arrival airports?

Yes. You typically have the flexibility to choose your departure and arrival airports. Private charter flights offer the advantage of accessing a wide range of airports, including smaller regional airports and private terminals. This allows you to fly closer to your desired departure and arrival locations, providing more convenience and saving travel time.

How far in advance should I book my private jet flight?

We generally advise our clients to book at least 10 business days before your desired departure date. Booking early allows for better availability and increases the likelihood of securing your desired aircraft at a competitive price. Note that the availability can vary based on the time of the year, specific destination and other factors. Therefore, contacting us as soon as you have confirmed your travel plans is the best approach to secure your private jet flight.

What happens if there are changes or cancellations to my itinerary?

In the event of changes or cancellations to your itinerary for a private charter flight, the specific procedures according to our policies may vary depending on the terms of your charter agreement. We will work closely with you to accommodate any necessary changes in rescheduling the flight.

Can I bring pets with me on private jet flights?

Absolutely! Many private jet operators and aircraft owners are pet-friendly; however, it is crucial to inform us in advance about your intention to bring your pets and provide details about their size, breed and any specific requirements. We will work closely with you to stay compliant with all necessary paperwork, vaccinations, and regulations to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for your furry companions.