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Private Jet Charters

  • Need a private jet for corporate travel, family getaways or grand festivities? Elevate your travel experience.
  • Our streamlined four-step booking process is designed to get you to any destinations in the world including Las Vegas, London, Dubai, Paris
  • Pay as you fly with our exclusive on-demand private jet charter services – no membership fees or hidden costs.
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Empty Leg Flights

  • Looking for a cost-effective private jet charter solution? Book an empty-leg flight with us and enjoy up to 50% off on the regular cost.
  • Consult with your Personal Account Manager to capitalise on the exclusive benefits of our daily updated empty leg listings.
  • Have an urgent charter request? Call us – There may be an empty leg waiting just for you!
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  • Are you concerned about the ecological consequences of your private charter? Contact us for a concise discussion on finding a solution.
  • We recognize the impact of carbon emissions on the environment and are dedicated to making aviation better through sustainable practices.
  • Wondering which private aircraft produces the lowest carbon emissions? Find out using our trusted carbon calculator tool below.
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Additional Services

  • Tailored In-Flight Dining: Savour culinary excellence with personalised dining to suit your dietary preferences.
  • Luxurious Ground Transportation: Enjoy seamless, chauffeured car service starting from your doorstep.
  • Comprehensive Amenities: From Royal Doulton porcelain to Baccarat crystal, fine bed linens to cashmere blankets, we offer a complete, all-in-one travel experience.
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Private Jet Charters

Taking On-Demand Private Jet Charters to New Heights of Bespoke Brilliance

Experience the convenience, comfort, and flexibility of private jet travel with us. Our primary focus is to bring together our comprehensive industry expertise, impeccable standards, and robust industry network, for providing you access to the highest-quality aircraft options, all at a fair and transparent pricing.

Your dedicated Personal Account Manager will closely collaborate with you, drawing upon our expansive global network, to source the perfect aircraft that suits your demands. With a carefully curated selection of over 7,000 thoroughly screened options at our disposal, we are well-equipped to meet all your discerning requirements.

Need help booking an on-demand charter flight? We make it a breeze! With our simple 4-step process (provided at the bottom of this page), you can effortlessly secure your journey exactly the way you want it.

Empty Leg Flights

Unbeatable Value for One-Way Charters

Empty legs, also known as deadheads or ferry flights, are private flights without passengers onboard. They occur when an aircraft flies without passengers, either returning to its home base after a drop-off or re-positioning to pick up passengers.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we remain at the forefront of the market, ensuring up-to-date empty leg listings gathered from a vast network of operators worldwide. At Maple Air Charter, we encourage our invaluable clients to maximise the benefits of our updated listings, as they offer exceptional cost-effectiveness, particularly for those with flexible travel plans.

Looking to book empty leg flights? Simply provide your requirements by clicking our "Get a Quick Quote" button and gain access to the latest available options. Don't want to miss out? Speak to your personal Account Manager and subscribe to our weekly empty leg listings.


Towards a Carbon-Neutral Future: Our bold Pledge for 2033

As part of our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we have set a clear and ambitious goal to become carbon neutral in a decade. We understand the urgency of addressing climate change and are committed to taking decisive action.

In order to foster transparency and engage our clients in sustainability initiatives, we have joined forces with a reputable third-party organisation. We have integrated their reliable carbon calculator tool on our website, which offers fairly accurate measurements of carbon emissions generated by various private aircraft. This empowers our clients to assess the environmental impact of their prospective private charter flight and make well-informed decisions regarding their aircraft selection.

Our dedication to carbon neutrality extends beyond our own operations. Therefore, we actively engage with industry stakeholders, policymakers and the wider aviation community to promote sustainable practices and advocate for meaningful change.

Additional Services

Exquisite In-Flight Catering, Effortless Ground Transportation, and Personalized Unique Requests

Experience the epitome of culinary delight with our exquisite in-flight catering, where gastronomic masterpieces are meticulously crafted to tantalise your taste buds.

With the support of your dedicated Account Manager, your ground transportation needs will be seamlessly taken care of, co-ordinating the provision of luxurious vehicles for your airport transfers. Whether it is arranging VIP experiences or crafting bespoke services that add a touch of enchantment to your travel, we surpass expectations by catering to your specific requirements.

Want to share your feedback? We're just a message or call away, accessible 24/7. We rely on your feedback as a guiding light for our relentless efforts towards upgrading and keep serving you better.

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How It Works

Simplified Booking, Personalized Luxury


Tell us Your Travel Plan

Share your travel details with us, including your preferred departure and arrival locations, travel dates, any additional information or special requests.


Assess Your Aircraft Options

Your Personal Account Manager will guide you in assessing your aircraft options and in making an informed decision on your private jet selection with utmost transparency.


Lock in Your Private Jet

Once we receive your signed charter agreement and payment, we will immediately place a hold on your aircraft for the requested dates and confirm your reservation.


Hasta La Vista!

We will diligently adhere to your flight plan and ensure that your entire experience is nothing less than exceptional. Remember, your luxury is our passion.


How does an on-demand private jet charter work?

An on-demand private jet charter offers customers the flexibility to book on a flight-by-flight basis. The customer provides us with details such as desired departure and arrival airports, travel dates and passenger count. We then take your request to the market to provide you with different suitable options, that vary in aircraft type, size and pricing. Once you choose your preferred option, we handle all the necessary arrangements, such as flight planning, crew scheduling and ground services.

How much luggage is allowed on charter flights?

Private jet charter flights typically provide more luggage allowances compared to commercial airlines. However, the specific luggage capacity can differ subject to aircraft size and storage space. Your charter advisor will closely collaborate with you to understand your specific requirements and provide suitable options that fit your needs. For your reference, you can go to our Aircraft Guide page.

Will there be Wi-Fi available on board?

Many private jets are equipped with onboard Wi-Fi to provide passengers with internet connectivity during their flights. However, it is essential to communicate your Wi-Fi requirements to your private jet charter broker in advance, as Wi-Fi availability and rates can vary depending on the specific aircraft and operator. Your personal account manager can help you select an aircraft that meets your connectivity needs.

How long does it take to get an aircraft refuelled?

The duration of a typical fuel stop during a private jet charter can vary depending on several factors. On an average, a fuel stop can last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. The actual time spent primarily depends on the airport traffic, aircraft type, the amount of fuel required and the efficiency of the refuelling process. The pilot and the ground crew work together to ensure a swift and a safe refuelling operation.

Do all private jets have flight attendants?

Not all private jets have flight attendants, as it depends on the size and type of the aircraft, as well as the preferences of the passengers. Larger private jets, such as those in the midsize, super-midsize and heavy jet categories, often have flight attendants on board to ensure passenger comfort and provide in-flight services. However, smaller jets may not have dedicated flight attendants, especially if the flight duration and passenger requirements are minimal.

How flexible are Empty Legs?

Empty Legs refer to flights where an aircraft is returning to its base or repositioning without passengers. These flights can offer significant cost savings for those seeking more affordable private jet options. However, the flexibility of Empty Legs can vary. It depends on the specific availability, route and timing that align with your travel needs. We can assist you in finding and securing the most suitable Empty Leg options based on your preferences and flexibility of the schedule.